Data Delivery via FTP

Have your Grepsr files synced automatically to your FTP/SFTP server

On the FTP tab under Data Delivery, fill out the form with your FTP server’s configurations.

  • Host is your server’s URL with which Grepsr will establish a connection to upload your data.
  • Username and password are the login credentials with write privileges, i.e. permission to create new files in the server.
  • The default port for an FTP server is 21, and 22 for SFTP servers, unless configured otherwise.
  • Specify a path where you want your files to be uploaded.
    If you leave this field blank, the files will be uploaded to the default folder structure — “GrepsrData/Project_Name/Report_Name”.
  • If you want your files to be updated with data from the latest crawl run, check the “Replace old files” option, which removes the timestamp from the filenames.

When you Save the form, Grepsr will try to establish a connection with your FTP/SFTP server. Your report will then be linked to the server and your data from subsequent crawl runs will be automatically synced.

Here’s a brief demo:

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