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On Amazon, the Buy Box is the display on a product detail page with the Add to Cart button that customers can use to add items to their shopping carts. “Winning” the Buy Box means increasing your chances of selling an item. With vendors struggling to control their products’ distribution and pricing, Buy Box monitoring is key for vendors to have control over their brand on the platform. Grepsr's large-scale data acquisition service enables you to monitor any number of Buy Boxes at a frequency of your choosing.

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Track distribution channels and competition

By monitoring the Buy Box you know which other sellers are selling your products and what price they’ve set for each. This data allows you to find out who may be violating agreements, and monitor your competitors as well.

Keep an eye on inventory and orders

Your products’ availability is one of the key differentials in winning and losing the Buy Box. Monitoring your inventory regularly helps you improve order management, and tells you where you stand, what items you need to send to Amazon to maintain your inventory.

Identify counterfeits and unauthorized sellers

Monitoring the Buy Box also helps you avoid damaging your brand image by quickly spotting fake products and unaccredited sellers. After identifying misleading sellers, you are able to take immediate action, and in turn keep your reputation intact and prevent any revenue loss.

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