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Your brand appears for a certain time on a retailer's site (organic and sponsored). Share of visibility (search) is the percentage of those search results. If you want to stay on top of the digital shelf you need to keep tabs on your share of searches. Do all that and more with Grepsr's large-scale data extraction service.

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See your standing in important product categories

Your customers use different phrases to search your product category. Your product descriptions, titles, ratings, and other factors impact the retailer’s Search Engine Results Page and if your product comes up in response to those search phrases.

Monitor your competition

Evaluating your share of search with regards to your competitors can help you identify your rivals, product pages to gain insights from, and the kind of content a particular algorithm appears to favor.

Find opportunities to boost your PDPs

With a bird’s-eye view of the search you’re winning and losing from retailer to retailer, you’ll be empowered to acknowledge where there’s room for improvement on your product pages. Maybe there’s a crucial phrase you aren’t optimizing for.

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Get a holistic picture of your standing on E-marketplaces

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