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When a retailer advertises a product below the predefined price set by a manufacturer in the Minimum Advertised Price policy, it is known as MAP Violation. This underhanded tactic can eat into your revenue and degrade your brand image. Tracking MAP violations will reinforce your brand identity and prevent your loyal retailers from going under.

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Take action against violators

With strong data to back your arguments, tracking MAP violations will allow you to take quick action against the violators, saving you time, energy, and revenue.

Protect your brand image

Tracking MAP violation protects your brand image with customers and saves the hard-earned profit of your loyal authorized retailers.

Prevent future incursions

Most resellers don’t care about your brand price integrity. In their attempts to make a quick buck, they may choose the easy road and sell your products at a heavily discounted price. Keeping them in line from the start will inhibit further incursions in the future.

Catch wrong-doers in the act

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