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Focus on Talent Acquisition

Exploring multiple websites manually is time consuming and prone to errors. Not to mention how difficult it is to visit every job page to fetch data fields individually. With Grepsr, you just need to send us your list of job sites and data fields, and our specialists will take it from there. We’ll work to get you up-to-date quality data, while you focus on acquiring new, exciting talent. We make jobs data collection easy and organized.

jobs data collection
jobs data collection

Custom Datasets

Need specific data points extracted? Or do you want job listings segregated by industry or zip code within the same dataset (think sheets in an Excel file)? No biggie!

At Grepsr, we’re open to any specifications that you may have regarding your data sources, data fields, frequency, etc., and we’ll guarantee you get your data just the way you want them!

Custom Datasets Jobs

Automated Data Sourcing

With Grepsr, once your project is set up, you can create custom schedules to suit your needs, and even have the ability to define parameters to each schedule, so you have schedules dedicated to different categories in the same job site. We make Jobs Data Collection easy.

Automated Data Sourcing
Quality Assured Jobs

Quality Job Data Collection Assured

Every exported dataset goes through stringent quality checks before delivery. Our QA team checks for missing records and fields, duplicates and any other issues that may arise during a crawl run, and gives the green light for delivery only when each issue is resolved.

jobs data collection
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