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Let us source the most relevant data for your news stories or research projects. Schedule or run on-demand crawls to collect the freshest data on each new run.
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Mainstream News Portals

With 8+ years of experience behind us, we know what kind of journalism data our customers typically expect. Just send us your list of source URLs and we’ll save you the time and effort that could be spent on other important aspects of your business.

Mainstream News Portals Journalism Data
Offline Journalism Data Resources

Offline Resources

In addition to Journalism data, researchers also rely on offline resources like scientific papers and journals as PDF/Word documents for information. Provided the information is legible in these documents (extracting text from scanned documents is extremely complex, for example), we can fetch any data field you need to aid your research.

Offline Journalism Data Resources

Non-Traditional Journalism Data Sources

Company blogs, journals, forums, news aggregators, social media platforms, etc. are great alternative sources of Data on trending topics. With Grepsr’s automated extractions, you can parse keywords on your or a competitor’s mentions to determine if they’re positive, negative or neutral, and leverage this data to identify any trends.

Non-Traditional Journalism Data Sources
Custom Datasets

Custom Journalism Data Sets

Need specific data points extracted? Or do you want different categories/sections of a website segregated within the same dataset (think sheets in an Excel file)? No biggie! 

At Grepsr, we’re open to any specifications that you may have regarding your Journalism data sources, data fields, frequency, etc. and we’ll guarantee you get your data just the way you want them.

Custom Datasets
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