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Gather data off retailers' websites from all over the world – prices, availabilty, ratings, reviews and much, much more. Analyze this data to improve your brand and products, and profit!
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Monitor Retailers

Customers are smart. They analyze various retailers before deciding on one while making any purchase. With Grepsr, ensure you’re always their #1 choice — monitor your competitors’ platforms (and on automated custom schedules), gain valuable insights on the market and stay one step ahead of the curve. Scrape your ecommerce data with us and use it according to your need.

Ecommerce Data Scraping Service
 Data Scraping Service

Track Changes 

Find out what’s new in your competitors’ inventories — products, prices and everything in between — and turn this information into actionable data. Make changes to improve your own brand and products. Profit!

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Understand Brand Perception

User feedback is like gold dust when it comes to gauging any product or brand’s perception in the market. Partner with Grepsr to monitor and analyze customer reviews on your products and your competitors.

scrape ecommerce data with grepsr
Ecommerce Data Scraping Service

Detailed Product Specs

At Grepsr, we’re seasoned pros in extracting any ecommerce data from any online retailer, no matter how complex. Whether brand, price, rating, reviews, quantity, weight or color, we’ll get you all the product attributes you request.

Data to make or break your business
Get high-priority web data for your business, when you want it.