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Find the best way to your customer with data

Grepsr's data extraction services empower you with the critical insights you need. Monitor competitor pricing, identify customer trends, and make data-driven decisions to stay ahead of the curve. Grepsr: Your secret weapon for retail success in the digital age.

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    Step into the retail and trading industry’s future

    The way we buy and sell things has significantly changed since the worldwide digitization of the retail industry. It is no longer about waiting for your customers to arrive at the store. Since most stores are already on the web, staying relevant will encompass actively looking for customers, monitoring the competition, predicting trends, and much more. With reliable data to aid you, you can never go wrong in your journey to the top.



    Records processed per day


    Keywords per day


    Data accuracy

    Do more with quality data at your disposal

    Lead Generation with Data

    Boost sales with targeted leads using web scraping. Extract high-quality data from Google Maps, Yelp, LinkedIn, and more.


    Forecast market trends

    Identifying patterns and behaviors helps retailers make predictions regarding their products, demands and the factors


    Tracking MAP violations

    When a retailer advertises a product below the predefined price set by a manufacturer in the Minimum Advertised Price policy, it


    Quality data, at scale

    Even if you are in the dark about the processes in data acquisition, look to us for technical consulting for your data requirements and workflow automation. Let us help you uncover insights that you're really after.


    End-to-end data solution

    Scale your data efforts with our end-to-end solution in data acquisition to thrive in a volatile marketplace.


    Workflow automation

    Our customers save hundreds of hours by automating crucial data extraction tasks that were previously performed manually.


    In-depth expertise

    Our experience in working with industry leaders helps shape your requirements better, and build processes to extract the data you need.

    Grepsr's world-class data platform for all your data projects


    Here's what our customers say about us


    Got what I needed at a fair price. Customer service was clear and helpful. Deliverables were problem-free and prompt.

    Aniruddh P. CMO, Hospital & Health Care

    Grepsr supplied us with test data needed for our automotive lease application. We were able to pass proof of concept with this information. Grepsr also maintained the data collection integrity well over the course of the project.

    Richard K. Founder

    I worked with Grepsr to undertake a one-time extraction of data through web scraping for references made to keywords across four websites of Multilateral Development Banks. Grepsr scraped vast volumes of data over 65,000 PDF documents and provided final files of scraped data in the format I desired. This data scraped by Grepsr will have a profound impact on my research.

    Shruti M. Postgraduate Researcher

    A collection of articles, announcements and updates from Grepsr

    Shaping Organizational Culture with Glassdoor Data

    Glassdoor Data offers a detailed look into organizational culture by analyzing employee reviews and ratings. This data provides insights into company dynamics, regional trends, and the impact of major events, helping businesses improve employee satisfaction and cultural alignment. Netflix’s culture deck, crafted by Reed Hastings, champions employee autonomy and creativity, even offering unlimited vacations as […]


    Customize Your Data Journey with Grepsr’s Tailored Data Extraction Services

    Did you know that in just the past two years, over 90% of the world’s data has been generated? (Source: Statista)  This data explosion is mind-boggling for businesses as there is too much information available but extracting actionable insights from it remains an endless struggle.  In the Zettabyte era, what’s more complicated is the journey […]


    The Application of Web Scraping in Data Visualization

    Imagine you’re a business analyst tasked with understanding current trends in the sneaker market. You could spend hours combing through blogs and news articles trying to figure it out. However, that data would be scattered and difficult to analyze.  A potential solution is web scraping. It acts like a digital shovel, extracting valuable data from […]

    in-house vs external service provider

    Five Reasons Why You Need an External Data Provider in 2024

    Web data extraction of large datasets is almost impossible with in-house capabilities. Learn why you need an external data provider.


    Web Crawling vs Web Scraping. Understanding Differences and Applications

    Ever wondered who’s scrolling through the internet at 3 am? Believe it or not, nearly half of all web traffic isn’t human – it’s bots! (Source: Imperva) These bots encompass both web crawlers and web scrapers.  In short, web crawlers are bots that discover new URLs or links on the web, while web scrapers are […]


    Grepsr’s Data Fix: Powering Success for a Leading Healthcare Provider with POI Data

    Web data, like a pile of bricks, holds potential but lacks structure. Grepsr helps businesses build a complete picture – the house of knowledge. In this case study, a leading healthcare provider in Dubai needed insights at the community level. They required POI data for healthcare facilities and demographic information, including income data, visualized on […]


    Why Web Data is the Offense your Business needs to Win

    For those who know to use it right, web data is plain kinetic energy. Data sets you free.  Your sales figures have significantly increased compared to last year. So, all is well and good. Or, is it?  What if your competition is recording 50 times your turnover, and you don’t even know about it?  The […]


    Qualitative & Quantitative Data for Brand Equity Analysis

    Have you ever pondered the essence of a brand and what truly sets the brand apart?  A brand is a company’s product or service that is uniquely distinguished from its competitors and effortlessly recognized by the people.  Let’s play a game and see how this works, I say a phrase then you think of the […]


    6 Steps to Implement a Data-as-a-Product (DaaP) Strategy

    Q: Which of these is true? A. Data is an investment. B. Data is an enterprise asset. C. Data is a product. The correct answer is secret option D. All of the above. You might think, “I can see how investing in data can drive better decisions. And as an enterprise asset, data is at […]


    Logical Reasoning. Inductive Vs Deductive Reasoning 

    Have you ever wondered how Sherlock Holmes solved crimes? How businesses come up with ideas and decide on launching new products or upgrading their service? The answer lies in logical reasoning, and today we will learn how Big Data plays a crucial role in this process. Everything we do online generates data, the zettabytes of […]

    Scraping Google Maps

    Scraping Google Maps (Why and How to Do It in 2024)

    What’s helped you the most in an unknown town in another part of the world? Think of that one app on your phone. Yes, I’m talking about Google Maps—the ultimate assistant to take you places. Google Maps knows about all the different businesses in your area (the doctors, the chemists, the hospitals, and more) and […]


    31 Mind-Blowing Statistics About Big Data For Businesses (2024)

    Big Data — data so big we invented new words like zettabytes to measure it. Over 5 billion of us use the internet daily — and like muddy car tires, we leave tracks everywhere — our digital footprint. Whether it’s a quick Google search, posting on Instagram, or how long we spend watching Parks and […]


    Qualitative Research Vs. Quantitative Research

    Have you ever stumbled upon the answer you desperately needed while rummaging through your messy desk, or maybe found the perfect recipe hiding in the back of a dusty cookbook? Believe it or not, even groundbreaking scientific discoveries can happen by accident! Take Alexander Fleming, for instance. In 1928, upon returning from vacation, he found […]


    Data-Driven Decision Making: Why a Data Strategy is Business 101

    Are you drowning in, or swimming through your data? Your business is likely flooded with data: customer intel, operational data, and market insights, pouring in like a torrent. And most enterprises, George Kobakhidze of ZL Tech says, “…are not drowning in data because of its depths, they are drowning because they don’t know how to […]


    RPA Web Scraping for Data-driven Success in Real Estate

    Did you know that Zillow, the leading online real estate and rental marketplace has a database of over 100 million homes in the US?  This number continues to grow as the pioneers have been leveraging Big Data and data science since its inception in 2006.  Zillow has always been at the forefront of using large […]

    3 Pillars of a Powerful Data Strategy + Real-Life Examples (2024)

    By the time you’re done reading this post, human activity on the web and across devices will generate 27.3 million terabytes of data. According to Bernard Marr, author of Data Strategy, in the 21st century, “every business is a data business.” What information do you want to collect? Where are you going to store the […]


    Data Vs Information. Learn Key Differences

    Did you know that Netflix – the biggest online streaming service that produces and releases top movies and TV shows (you know, Stranger Things & Squid Game) owes its success to Big Data?  Their customer retention rate is 93%, the highest benchmark in the industry.  Surely, you’ve glimpsed the term “Big Data” thrown in some […]


    IMDb Data Scraping: Turn Raw Entertainment into Actionable Insights

    What if you could predict the next sleeper hit, build your own personalized recommendation engine, and forecast trending travel destinations? This isn’t science fiction. This is the power of IMDb data scraping.  IMDb is perhaps the most authoritative voice in movie and TV content for good reason — with 200+ million unique monthly visitors and […]


    RPA is a Replicator: An Organizational Tour De Force

    Richard Dawkins’ concept of the “replicator” in his book “The Selfish Gene” provides a fascinating lens through which we can view the rise of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). In the book, Dawkins argues that genes, not organisms, are the true “replicators” in evolution. These self-replicating molecules carry the instructions for building and maintaining life. They […]

    Benefits of Proactive Analytics

    What is Proactive Analytics? How Netflix, Spotify, and Walmart Make Billions (2024)

    Netflix, Spotify, Walmart, and other giants haven’t bet on their billion-dollar fortunes by shooting in the dark.  These companies’ proactive analytics allow them to curate hyper-targeted services that offer a core feature to their customers: personalization. The question is — are you still relying only on historical data to drive your business?  We’re living in […]


    Integrating Web-Scraped Data with Business Intelligence Tools

    Every company needs to regularly conduct a business analysis. You need your data to be structured and reliable for that purpose. One of the best techniques for collecting information is data scraping. It gives you an opportunity to extract details about market trends, competitors, and much more.  Today, we want to talk more about business […]


    How Walmart’s Data Insights Can Power Your Retail Strategy

    What do we know about Walmart? We know it’s the largest retailer in the world by revenue, with the company’s global sales crossing $600 billion.  We also know that the company has the world’s largest private cloud-based database – Data Café. And finally, it hires the maximum number of data scientists to leverage Big Data. […]


    Common Challenges in Web Scraping and Their Solutions Using RPA

    What comes to your mind when I say think of a detective?  A sharp mind, a piercing gaze that misses nothing, a sharp long nose, a smoke pipe always resting in his mouth, and a relentless pursuit of truth.  A man who stands out for his outstanding investigation skills.  Yes, you’re right. It’s Sherlock Holmes! […]


    Web Scraping Zillow: A Modern Approach to Real Estate

    What comes to mind when we say the word ‘real estate’? Are you thinking of a broker dressed in a pantsuit, with shiny white teeth, walking across a manicured lawn? Or the smell of warm cookies wafting in from an open house with a ‘For Sale’ sign planted in the grass? For decades, buying and […]

    Popular ETL Tools for Web Scraping

    Learn about the most popular ETL tools in this blog. Ever felt like you’re searching for a specific detail buried deep within a massive website? That’s the essence of web scraping! And if you’re familiar with finding the needle in a haystack, you’ll understand the challenge. Web Scraping is essential and you must do it. […]


    Transforming Operations: RPA and Web Scraping in Action

    Imagine a world where you no longer have to do the repetitive grunt work that neither sparks joy nor creativity.  It completely vanishes from your sight as you have digital robots that tirelessly do structural tasks following a regular pattern without any turmoil.  As a result, you are released from the shackles of mundane labor.  […]

    Reddit blog thumbnail

    Mine Reddit’s Billions of Opinions: Web Scraping Reddit and Sentiment Analysis (2024)

    In January 2024 alone, there were 7.57 billion visits to Reddit. There are 2.8 million subreddits with discussions on everything imaginable — from r/cats to r/memes and one of our personal favorites, r/dataisbeautiful.  These numbers in billions and millions are indicative of Reddit as one of the largest online communities in the world; which makes […]

    ETL for Web Scraping

    ETL for Web Scraping – A Comprehensive Guide

    Dive into the world of web scraping, and data, learn how ETL helps you transform raw data into actionable insights.


    Unraveling Job Market Dynamics: Leveraging Data Analytics for Competitive Edge

    The notion of hiring the “right” candidate needs clarification of what’s “right” for your organization. Starting from the alignment of values, motivation, ambition, and technical skills required for the position.  Along with soft skills including emotional intelligence which goes without saying, are critical components in constructing a team that is productive and result-driven.  There’s a […]


    Web Scraping Best Practices for RPA Integration

    The new era of RPA- a shift from manual hard work to automated smart work in business.  RPA is the process of automating routine and repetitive tasks in business operations. Robotic Process Automation uses technology that is steered by business logic and structured inputs. People might mistake it for a robot doing their mundane jobs […]

    web-scraping-services-for qualitative-data-collection

    Harness The Power of Web Scraping for Qualitative Data Extraction

    With the rise in Global Big Data analytics, the market’s annual revenue is estimated to reach $68.09 billion by 2025. Like the vast and deep ocean, Big Data encompasses huge volumes of diverse datasets that gradually mount with time. It refers to the enormous datasets that are far too complex to be handled by traditional […]

    Introduction to Web Scraping & RPA

    Web scraping automatically extracts structured data like prices, product details, or social media metrics from websites. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) focuses on automating routine and repetitive tasks like data entry, report generation, or file management. When seamlessly integrated through tools like webhooks or API calls, these technologies can significantly boost an organization’s operational efficiency by […]


    Quantitative Data: Definition, Types, Collection & Analysis

    Data is ubiquitous and plays a vital role in helping us understand the world we live in. Quantitative data, in particular, helps us make sense of our daily experiences.  Whether it’s the time we wake up in the morning to get to work, the distance we travel to get back home, the speed of our […]


    Extract Google Trends Data by Web Scraping

    Approximately 99,000 search queries are processed by Google every passing second. This translates to 8.5 billion searches per day and 2 trillion global searches per year.  From the estimated data, we can consider that an average person conducts between three to four searches every day.  “Explore what the world is searching” – Google Trends. The […]


    Qualitative Data Analysis: Explore Types, Methods, and Examples

    “Data is what distinguishes the dilettante from the artist.”  — George V. Higgins What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “Data”?  Most individuals start imagining the flow of numbers, facts & figures neatly illustrated in an Excel file. It all makes perfect sense because these represent Quantitative Data.  These data are crucial […]

    Car rental thumbnail

    Car Rental Data Unwrapped: Merry Miles and the Christmas Story in the UK

    Delve into the festive drive as we analyze 50K+ car rental records from ‘Sixt – Rent a Car’ during December 2023.  From the holiday surges on Christmas Eve to discovering budget-friendly gems like the Kia Picanto, come with us as we decode the Merry Miles of Christmas car rentals in the UK. Holiday seasons bring […]


    2023 in a Nutshell: A Retrospective

    2023 in a nutshell: Antifragile growth, soaring NPS at 52, MENA data enthusiasm, tech revolution, Pline launch, and a new workspace facility – all in one exciting year!

    How to scrape blog posts

    Blog Scraping: Uncover Opportunities for Data-Driven Growth

    A study by HubSpot marketing shows that those businesses who publish blogs get 55% more website visitors, 77% more inbound links, and 434% more indexed pages than those who don’t.  The ultimate goal of any business is to continually increase its lead conversion rate. Content is essentially what leads the organization to bring more leads […]

    AI and Web Scraping

    Relevance of Web Scraping in the Age of AI 

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has flourished into a rapidly evolving domain of computer systems that can function perfectly in tasks that need human intelligence. Statistics claim that the market volume for AI is projected to reach $738.80 billion by 2030. This essentially means that there is a growing demand for AI-related services, leading to an expansion […]


    ETL Data and Web Scraping Brilliance

    Did you know that in a world drowning in information, making sense of raw data from the internet is like finding a needle in a haystack? However, looking at the silver lining, the dynamic duo – ETL and web scraping can unravel the chaos of unlimited, unstructured data into clarity and make sense.  ETL is […]


    NYC POI Data Dynamics: Decoding Impermanence

    Geographical locations or POIs are not entities that last for posterity. We collected NYC POI data to decode the various dynamics that may help executives make informed decisions within the backdrop of impermanence. Drawing inspiration from the ‘philosophical entertainer’ Alan Watts‘ thoughts that the more permanent a thing, the more lifeless it becomes, our case […]


    E-commerce Scraping: Beyond Buy Box for Holistic Growth

    Nearly half of the world’s population now partakes in the dynamic E-commerce market. In the e-commerce trajectory, studies show that user penetration is projected to jump from 40.8% in 2023 to 48.7% in 2028. Our last blog discussed how important it is for retailers to leverage Buy Box monitoring data to win the Buy Box […]

    Buy Box on Amazon

    Buy Box Data: What Every Seller Needs to Know 

    Did you know, winning the Buy Box can increase your chances of becoming an Amazon best-seller? The Buy Box accounts for 90% of the total sales on the platform, making it crucial for sellers to leverage the Buy Box data.  Amazon is at the helm of the overdrive in the e-commerce industry. Living proof of […]


    Boosting Business Intelligence with Managed Data Extraction

    Did you know that Lotte, a South Korean conglomerate increased their sales up to $10 million thanks to Business Intelligence? Business Intelligence is the process of collecting, analyzing, and presenting raw data that is transformed into meaningful insights. It involves methodologies that ultimately aid the business in making strategic and actionable data-driven decisions. For a […]


    E-commerce in Overdrive: Unleash the Power of Cyber Monday 

    In 2022, Cyber Monday accomplished a remarkable feat, propelling e-commerce sales to an impressive $11.3 billion—an extraordinary 5.8% increase, setting a new benchmark for online shopping. As the holiday season approaches, the global culture of bestowing gifts and celebration is also at an all-time high. For these times to be extra special, people look for […]


    Holiday Fleet Management: A Roadmap to Data-Driven Success in Car Rentals

    In today’s car rental industry, data isn’t just an option; it’s the key to making pivotal decisions that drive success. The car rental industry is poised for a lucrative path ahead, with a projected revenue surge to $146.7 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 7.4%. The holiday season ignites a desire to explore and […]

    The Significance of Black Friday for E-comm Brands 

    Paving the way from Chaos to Clicks: The Black Friday Breakthrough in E-commerce.  As the holiday season draws near, there’s a day particularly special for shoppers and e-commerce brands — Black Friday.  This annual shopping extravaganza is more than just a date on the calendar; it’s a pivotal moment that kickstarts the festive shopping frenzy.  […]

    Data Scraping

    The Simplicity of Employing No-Code Web Scraping

    Unlock the Power of No-Code Web Scraping: Transform Your Business with Data-Driven Success. Learn how web scraping and external data providers can revolutionize your industry. Explore real-world examples and discover the simplicity of harnessing valuable data.


    Revving Up for E-commerce Success in Q4: Leverage Web Scraping

    Navigate the E-commerce Landscape: Uncover Insights Amidst Challenges. Explore our findings from rigorous analysis of Amazon datasets.

    crunchbase data scraping

    Unlocking Business Insights: Scraping Crunchbase for Valuable Data

    Crunchbase is a goldmine for anyone seeking key business data. Learn about the benefits of scraping data from the platform, and the processes involved


    Drive Success with Car Rental Data Extraction

    Tap into the capabilities of car rental data extraction with Grepsr. Outperform competitors, fine-tune fleet management, and just do more.


    The Web Scraping Dilemma: Cloud vs. Local Data Extraction

    Discover the key differences between cloud and local data extraction methods. Learn how Grepsr can be your guiding star in the world of web scraping.

    POI data enrichment

    The Power of Web Scraping: Enriching POI Datasets

    Discover how web scraping is revolutionizing the extraction and enrichment of POI data, ensuring accuracy and timeliness


    Choosing the Right External Data Provider

    Elevate your data game with Grepsr, your trusted external data provider for web data excellence and data-driven success.


    Customer Sentiment Analysis and the Role of Web Scraping

    Web scraping is indispensable for any Customer Sentiment Analysis Project. Learn how you can leverage web scraping to your advantage.

    Mastering Data Visualization in Python with Grepsr’s Data

    In a world where data reigns supreme, the ability to make sense of the overwhelming volume of information is nothing short of a superpower. Harnessing the power of data visualization in Python is a superpower in itself. From interactive charts and graphs to immersive dashboards, visualization helps businesses and individuals gain insights from data.  But […]


    Unlocking Growth Opportunities: How Grepsr’s SERP Scraping Can Transform Your Business

    Elevate your SEO strategy in the USA market with Grepsr’s SERP scraping. Discover the power of extracting data from Google & Bing SERPs.


    Harnessing POI Insights: The Web Scraping Advantage

    Actionable insights from one of Grepsr’s POI data projects

    google images enrich POI data

    Beyond Words: How Scraping Google Images Enriches POI Data

    Unveiling the power of visual context for immersive location and search experiences


    Extracting Data from Websites to Excel: Web Scraping to Excel

    Web scraping and Excel go hand in hand. After extracting the data from the web, you can then organize this data in Excel to capture actionable insights. The internet, by far, is the biggest source of information and data. Juggling through multiple sites to analyze data can be quite irksome. If you are analyzing vast […]


    A Comprehensive Glossary of Terms for Web Scraping

    Web scraping has become an essential tool for extracting data from websites in various industries.  However, understanding the terminology associated with web scraping can sometimes be challenging. In this blog post, we provide you with a comprehensive glossary of terms that will definitely guide you to navigate the world of web scraping easily.  Whether you […]


    Top Six E-commerce Datasets: Web Scraping Use Cases  

    The irreversible rise of e-commerce has been a similar phenomenon around the world. In 1998, the entirety of the e-commerce market stood at just $5 billion. During the pandemic, as people were locked indoors, e-commerce boomed, increasing by 43%. In 2020, the number had reached $815.5 billion. The biggest competition to Amazon is not Walmart […]


    Analyzing US Job Postings Data to Understand Job Market & Economy

    Leveraging one of Grepsr’s job postings data projects to gather insights — the hottest industries and employers, including working conditions

    Web Scraping for Lead Generation: Open a Portal to Sales

    Reaching out to leads and converting them into customers doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. Web scraping can help you get access to high-quality leads databases and scale your lead generation process.

    web scraping data solution

    Web Scraping: An Unlikely Data Solution

    Data has now become something of a currency in the twenty-first century. But, when you think of data, does web scraping come to your mind?  We’re here to tell you it should.

    data qa with python

    Data QA with Python: Ensuring Top-Notch Quality

    Find out how you can perform data QA with Python. Data refinement is a big headache for data scientists and data analysts. As we’ve mentioned time and again, most data practitioners spend 50 to 80 percent of their time refining data. To get over this hurdle, we have various systems in place to ensure the […]

    real estate prospecting

    Zero-in on Your Real Estate Prospects with Data

    Big Data technologies make real estate prospecting more credible and effective by giving you access to real-time web data. You can use web scraping to gather actionable web data and analyze the real estate market environment on a city block level.

    web scraping with python

    Web Scraping with Python: A How-To Guide

    Most businesses (and people) today more or less understand the implications of data on their business. ERP systems enable companies to crunch their internal data and make decisions accordingly. Which would have been enough by and itself if the creation of web data did not rise exponentially as we speak. Some sources estimate it to […]

    Big Data & the Power of Personalization

    According to Wikipedia, Big data is a field that treats ways to analyze, systematically extract information from, or otherwise deal with data sets that are too large or complex. They are hard to deal with by traditional data-processing application software. Marketing guru Steuart Henderson Britt once said “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. […]

    data quality metrics

    Know Your Data Quality Metrics With Grepsr

    The importance of data quality cannot be overstated. One wrong entry and the corruption will spread without exception. The best way to counter this threat is to set up effective data quality metrics. 


    How to Perform Web Scraping with PHP

    In this tutorial, you will learn what web scraping is and how you can do it using PHP. We will extract the top 250 highest-rated IMDB movies using PHP. By the end of this article, you will have sound knowledge to perform web scraping with PHP and understand the limitation of large-scale data acquisition and […]

    price monitoring

    Price Monitoring with Data in the Time of Inflation

    You can face uncertain times and come out on top with the right pricing strategy. Price monitoring gives you actionable insights into the changing e-com market. When you need to monitor pricing at scale though, you will inadvertently turn to data extraction sooner or later.

    service better than tools

    Why Data Extraction Services are Better Than Tools for Enterprises

    The key factors that set a data extraction service apart from its do-it-yourself variant


    Looking at the Bigger Picture: Grepsr’s 2022

    If there’s one word that best describes Grepsr’s 2022, it would be introspection. We sieved through our processes and retained what works, and discarded what doesn’t, to make room for improvement and growth.

    Web Scraping vs API

    Every system you come across today has an API already developed for their customers or it is at least in their bucket list. While APIs are great if you really need to interact with the system but if you are only looking to extract data from the website, web scraping is a much better option. […]

    grepsr partners with datarade

    Press Release: Grepsr joins Data Commerce Cloud (DCC) to meet global need for actionable, on-demand DaaS solutions

    Dubai, UAE / Berlin, Germany. 1 December 2022 – Grepsr, provider of custom web-scraped data, has become a Premium Partner of Datarade’s Data Commerce Cloud™, the platform which makes data commerce easy. Grepsr’s data products are now available to buy on Datarade Marketplace and other DCC sales channels. Grepsr processes 500M+ records, parses 10K+ web sources, and extracts data […]

    An Overlooked Insights Mine: Job Postings Data

    The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a whopping 10.7 million job openings in the last business days of September 2022! This makes one thing pretty clear: the abundance of job postings data on the web presents a fertile ground for businesses to experiment from a wide range of industries. Whether you own a job […]

    Screen Scraping: 4 Important Questions for Scoping your Web Project

    Screen scraping should be easy. Often, however, it’s not. If you’ve ever used a data extraction software and then spent an hour learning/configuring XPaths and RegEx, you know how annoying web scraping can get. Even if you do manage to pull the data, it takes way more time to structure it than to make the […]

    Data is Indispensable to Dropshipping. Here’s Why

    Take your dropshipping business to new heights with actionable insights derived from up-to-date high-quality data.

    measure share of voice

    Measuring Share of Voice: Use Data to Track the Ultimate Metric

    Gain maximum visibility on e-commerce platforms by tracking your share of voice with data

    map monitoring

    Leveling the Playing Field: MAP Monitoring with Data

    In an ideal world, brands would put a fair price cap on their products, which would then be followed religiously by retailers throughout the internet. It would create a superior brand reputation and generate satisfied customers who keep coming back to buy similar products from them. The consumer would have no reservations about buying a […]

    win the buy box

    Win the Coveted Buy Box on Amazon with Data

    Just reducing the price won’t cut it. There are many factors to consider. Learn how data can help you connect the dots.

    Top Ten Applications of E-Commerce Data Extraction

    The best ways to leverage e-commerce data to grow your brand

    market expansion

    Enabling Market Expansion: Data Refinement at Grepsr

    Grepsr’s creative approach to data refinement helps brands expand into new markets

    data refinement

    Why Data Refinement is Important for Your Business

    Did you know most analysts spend 50 to 80 percent of their time refining their data than any other function in the data lifecycle? Even when we include other steps like data extraction, data analysis, and data visualization? We’ve talked at length about the importance of data for your business. The only thing we’ve emphasized […]

    data in travel & tourism

    Significance of Big Data in the Tourism Industry

    In a post-pandemic reality, big data helps travel agents and travelers make better decisions, minimize risks, and still have memorable holidays.

    data in journalism

    Importance of Data in Journalism

    Since 2021 has come to a close, we thought it apt to look back at the year one last time and reveal some of the biggest data facts it had to offer. Disclaimer: The creation and applications of data continue to skyrocket, as expected! Here are a few stats you might find interesting from TechJury: […]

    Grepsr’s 2021 — A Year in Review

    Our growth and achievements of the past year, and reasons to get excited in 2022

    data in shipping

    Impact of Shipping Data in the Shipping Industry

    Before the pandemic, the global supply chain relied on predictable inventory flows. There was high schedule reliability, which meant the carriers usually followed the same schedules. This ensured the arrival of inventory in time, replenishment of stores, and constant operation of the factories. With the surge in COVID-19 cases around the world, the schedule reliability […]

    applications of poi data

    Applications of POI (Point of Interest) Data in Business

    Point of Interest (POI) data, or geographic data, is often overlooked by most businesses. In this article, we explore the myriad applications of Point Of Interest Data and explain why it is, in every sense of the word, a sleeping giant.

    data analysis guide

    Data Analysis: Five Steps to Superior Data

    This is one piece of a three-part series that looks at the various data analysis methods, techniques, and essential steps to ensure its superiority. According to Wikipedia, data analysis is a process within data science of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful insights, informing conclusions, and supporting decision-making. Data […]

    Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis Methods

    This is one piece of a three-part series that looks at the various methods, techniques, and essential steps to ensure superior data analysis. The majority of leaders from high-performing businesses attribute their success to data analytics. According to a survey done by McKinsey & Company, respondents from these companies are three times more likely to […]

    Make Data Make Sense: Most-Used Techniques in Data Analysis

    This is one piece of a three-part series that looks at the various methods, techniques, and essential steps to superior data analysis.

    data normalization

    Applications of Data Normalization in Retail & E-Commerce

    From improving customer experience to establishing brand authority, data normalization has wide-ranging applications in retail and ecommerce.

    web scraping

    A Smarter MO for Data-Driven Businesses

    Data is key to future-proofing your brand. Web scraping is the first step towards achieving long-term data-driven business success.

    data analysis

    Business Data Analytics — Why Enterprises Need It

    Objectivity vs subjectivity The stories we hear as children have a way of mirroring the realities of everyday existence, unlike many things we experience as adults. An old folk tale from India is one of those stories. It goes something like this: A group of blind men goes to an elephant to find out its […]

    data quality

    Perfecting the 1:10:100 Rule in Data Quality

    Never let bad data hurt your brand reputation again — get Grepsr’s expertise to ensure the highest data quality

    Grepsr named Category Leader for ‘Data Management Software’

    We’re grateful to all our valued customers for leaving such stellar reviews on our profile.

    data visualization

    Data Visualization Is Critical to Your Business — Here Are 5 Reasons Why

    Data visualization is a powerful tool. When done correctly, it is a much more elegant method of explaining even complex concepts compared to lengthy texts and paragraphs. Maps and graphs have existed since the 17th century as a means of visualizing data. It was in the mid-1800s that the world saw one the first examples […]

    data normalization

    What is Data Normalization & Why Enterprises Need it

    In the current era of big data, every successful business collects and analyzes vast amounts of data on a daily basis. All of their major decisions are based on the insights gathered from this analysis, for which quality data is the foundation. One of the most important characteristics of quality data is its consistency, which […]

    airfare data

    Benefits of Using Web Scraping to Extract Airfare Data from OTAs

    Use web scraping to extract airfare data from OTAs and airlines’ websites to give your customers the best possible start to their holiday experience.

    legality of web scraping

    Legality of Web Scraping in 2024 — An Overview

    Ever since the invention of the World Wide Web, web scraping has been one of its most integral facets. It is how search engines are able to gather and display hundreds of thousands of results instantaneously. And also how companies build databases, develop marketing strategies, generate leads, and so on. While its potentials are immense, […]

    image scraping

    Image Scraping — What is It & How is It Done?

    From retail and real estate to tourism and hospitality, images play a vital role in influencing customer decisions. Hence, it is important for brands to see what kinds of photos are turning prospects into customers. On the other side, customers go through numerous products and images before settling on a final choice. Similarly, analysts browse […]

    Why Data Visualization Matters to Your Business

    There are several reasons why we believe that visual representation of data is becoming an integral part of Big Data analytics or any other kind of data-driven analytics, for that matter

    data from alternate sources

    Data Scraping from Alternate Sources — PDF, XML & JSON

    An unconventional format — PDF, XML or JSON — is just as important a data source as a web page.

    QA protocols at Grepsr

    QA at Grepsr — How We Ensure Highest Quality Data

    Ever since our founding, Grepsr has strived to become the go-to solution for the highest quality service in the data extraction business. In addition to the highly responsive and easy-to-communicate customer service, we pride ourselves in being able to offer the most reliable and quality data, at scale and on time, every single time. QA […]

    benefits of high quality data

    Benefits of High Quality Data to Any Data-Driven Business

    From increased revenue to better customer relations, high quality data is key to your organization’s growth.

    quality data

    Five Primary Characteristics of High-Quality Data

    Big data is at the foundation of all the megatrends that are happening today. Chris Lynch, American writer More businesses worldwide in recent years are charting their course based on what data is telling them. With such reliance, it is imperative that the data you’re working with is of the highest quality. Grepsr provides data […]

    11 Most Common Myths About Data Scraping Debunked

    Data scraping is the technological process of extracting available web data in a structured format. More businesses globally are realizing the usefulness and potential of big data, and migrating towards data-driven decision-making. As a result, there’s been a huge rise in demand in recent years for tools and services offering data for businesses via Data […]

    amazon scraping challenges

    Common Challenges During Amazon Data Collection

    Over the last twenty years, Amazon has established itself as the world’s largest ecommerce platform having started out as a humble online bookstore. With its presence and influence increasing in more countries, there’s huge demands for its inventory data from various industry verticals. Almost all of the time, this data is acquired via web scraping […]

    amazon data extraction

    Customer Review Insights: Analyzing Buyer Sentiments of Amazon Products

    Actionable insights from Amazon reviews for better decision-making

    web scraping with python

    Track Changes in Your CSV Data Using Python and Pandas

    So you’ve set up your online shop with your vendors’ data obtained via Grepsr’s extension, and you’re receiving their inventory listings as a CSV file regularly. Now you need to periodically monitor the data for changes on the vendors’ side — new additions, removals, price changes, etc. While your website automatically updates all this information when you […]

    A Look Back at Grepsr’s 2020

    A brief look at Grepsr’s achievements in data extraction and industry reach in 2020, and a glimpse into 2021 plans.

    covid test centers

    Insights into Covid-19 Test Locations in the USA

    An analysis of coronavirus testing facilities — geographic distribution, types, franchises, and testing and turnaround times

    Importance of Data & Data Quality Assessment

    According to Charles Babbage, one of the major inventors of computer technology, “Errors using inadequate data are much less than those using no data at all.” Babbage lived in the 19th century when the world had not yet fully realized the importance of data. At least not in the commercial sense. Had Babbage been around […]

    Top 10 Benefits of Segmentation: Data-Driven Market

    For some years now, experts and executives in the business world have been discussing whether market segmentation

    Our Newly Redesigned Website is Live!

    We’ve redesigned our website to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for

    data mining during covid

    Role of Data Mining During the COVID-19 Outbreak

    How web scraping and data mining can help predict, track and contain current and future disease outbreaks

    Grepsr’s 2019 — A Year (and Decade) in Review

    Time flies when you’re having fun

    Introducing Grepsr’s New Slack-like Support

    Making our data acquisition specialists more accessible to busy professionals

    Signing Up/In with Google

    As mentioned in our May update, we recently implemented Auth0 Single Sign-On (SSO) across the Grepsr platform. We have also integrated Google Sign-In to make signing up and signing in simpler, in addition to the regular sign up form option. There’s recently been some confusions regarding the Google Sign-In option, which we’ve tried to address […]

    Introducing Grepsr’s Data Quality Report

    Quality assured data to help you make the best business decisions

    Report History/Activity on the Grepsr App

    A walk-through detailing your report history and how to access (and download) your report’s data from historic crawl runs

    Data Retention in Grepsr

    New policy announcement

    Automate Future Crawls Using Scheduler

    Configure and enable schedules to automate future crawls

    Data Delivery via Email

    Have your Grepsr files automatically delivered by email

    Data Delivery via Dropbox

    Have your Grepsr files synced automatically to your Dropbox

    Data Delivery via FTP

    Have your Grepsr files synced automatically to your FTP/SFTP server

    Data Delivery via Webhooks

    Get notified as soon as your Grepsr data is ready

    Data Delivery via Google Drive

    Have your Grepsr files synced automatically to your Google Drive

    Data Delivery via Amazon S3

    Have your Grepsr files synced automatically to your Amazon S3 bucket

    Data Delivery via Box

    Have your Grepsr files synced automatically to your Box account

    Data Delivery via File Feed

    Under File Feed, there are two URLs — marked ‘Latest’ and ‘All’. Here’s a brief demo:

    Customized Data Extraction via Grepsr Concierge

    Although Grepsr for Chrome is a powerful tool in itself, it sometimes lacks the capability to extract data from some websites that are poorly structured, where data fields are hidden, and so on. Here we give you a simple demonstration on how you can get data from these complex websites via our custom platform — Grepsr Concierge. […]

    Common Issues and Tips to Get the Best out of Grepsr

    We know how annoying it is when you’ve spent time setting up Grepsr for Chrome to collect your data fields, and then you get back partial or no data at all.

    Grepsr — the Numbers That Matter

    Our stats since the start of 2018

    Feeds & Endpoint API for Your Data in Grepsr

    In our last post, we showed you how to automate your data delivery process in the Grepsr app. This time let’s have a quick look at data feeds and endpoints[*]. Your scraped data’s Endpoint API is the final stop it makes in its journey— starting from the host website, then to your Grepsr account via our crawler, and […]

    Automate Your Data Delivery on the Grepsr App

    I’m sure you’ve already got the hang of Grepsr for Chrome by now. If you’re like some of our users who are inquiring about data delivery on the app, then this blog is for you! Once you’ve set up your project and the app starts to extract your data, depending on the volume of data requested, it might […]

    Kick-Start Your E-commerce Venture with Grepsr

    400+ million entrepreneurs worldwide are attempting to start 300+ million companies, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Approximately a hundred million new businesses start every year around the world, while a similar number also fold. What sets successful firms apart are the innovations and resources they utilize that help them stay healthy and relevant. Grepsr […]

    How to Use Grepsr Browser Tool to Scrape the Web for Free

    A beginner’s guide to your favorite DIY web scraping tool Just over a year ago, we introduced the all new Grepsr along with a beta launch of Chrome extension to fill the gap that Kimono Labs, a widely popular scraping tool, left since it’s closure. Now after a year of iteration on both the UI and UX along with shipping […]

    Our Kimono Labs Replacement (Grepsr for Chrome) Levels Up

    We’ve recently made a number of improvements to make Grepsr for Chrome that little bit easier, and more handy to use. We’ve also received tons of feature requests (keep ’em coming!), so we thought we’d share couple of our favorites that have most recently made it into Grepsr for Chrome. Infinite Scrolling and Enhanced Pagination Support From […]

    Importance of Web Scraping in the Age of Big Data

    Big Data has become an internet buzz lately. Not a day goes by without a mention of Big Data in many articles published by media or tech companies around the world.

    FIVE Essential Questions for Assessing your Big Data Deployment Readiness

    Big Data isn’t just a big buzzword. Nor is it merely a business ritual. Ask yourself these 5 essential questions to know if you business is ready for data-driven transformation in the Big Data era

    marketing data

    10 Digital Marketing Trends that will Impact Your Business

    During the last few years, SoLoMo (social, local, and mobile) have remained the defining trend in marketing, and data has played a crucial role in their advancement. Moving forward, these trends will continue penetrating deeper and expanding wider in the global market. Hence data integration will be more pervasive. Remarkably, new AdTechs like Internet of […]

    Five Major Impacts of Location Data on Marketing

    It’s not merely a coincidence that today almost all of the major business enterprises run online store locator services to their customers. They want their stores and services to be easily found and accessed. Moreover, they are extensively using location data to pursue their customers where they are and to persuade them to buy their […]

    Data Extraction for BI: Picking the Right Services is Crucial

    Finding the appropriate data warehousing and Business Intelligence (BI) platforms that can understand and address your business concerns, priorities, and needs is a daunting task. Specifically, the ones that can have cohesive approaches in generating and deploying your data

    Seven Key Areas Where Big Data has Brought Big Transformations

    As the volume, variety, and velocity of Big Data increases, so does its value and application. Today, there is a widespread use of Big Data, and the whole fabric of life has become increasingly data driven. Here is a brief review of 7 major areas which have gone through massive transformations driven by data: Business Business enterprises […]

    Data Mining to Predict, Track and Contain the Ebola Outbreak

    One of the most diverse continents on earth, Africa astounds the world with its vast savannas, great deserts, ancient architecture and modern cities. But Africa also has its share of tragedies and woes. First identified in Democratic Republic of Congo’s Ebola River in 1976, Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever, a deadly zoonotic disease caused by the Ebola […]

    Data Mining for Developing Business Intelligence

    The growing use of digital technologies in every sphere of life has resulted in the rapid escalation of digital data. While digitization of the facilities of everyday use has given rise to datafication, the process of datafication has produced a byproduct known as big data, which is regarded as a new oil of the digital […]

    Maximizing the Benefits of Location Information Data: A Case Study

    A good amount of location information with geospatial details is vital for developing and carrying out business plans Advantages of Location Information Data Obtaining and integrating location information data into the day-to-day business operation policies and practices are the vital tasks in business and marketing. A good amount of data with geospatial details helps businesses […]

    How Grepsr Works: A Brief Introduction

    Web crawling and data extraction services at Grepsr are simple, quick, hassle free and intuitive. We focus on providing top–quality services to our customers in the highly competitive rates. Our strong base–with cutting-edge technologies and advanced infrastructure–in Kathmandu and our maturing technical expertise in the area have helped us to compete with the top tire […]

    11 Interesting Quotes about Data

    These days, almost everybody—be it a casual technophile or a trailblazing technocrat—has something to say about the usefulness of data. Apparently, there is no area of human interest where you cannot achieve agility, efficiency, and better outcome by deploying data science. Business, astronomy, neuroscience and you name it. Data had never been generated with such […]

    data in education

    How are Data Sharing Technologies Revolutionizing Education through Educational Data Mining?

    Education-related statistics show the stark contradictions of our time, but they also tell us about the immense possibilities and big changes that are just around the corner

    Data Analytics for Better Business Intelligence

    Advanced information technology has brought a massive paradigm shift in every aspect of human life We spend more and more of our working hours on the digital screens, either generating or aggregating digital data. Internet, what would have seemed something unimaginable only a few decades ago, has become an essential part of our daily businesses. […]

    Data Science in Healthcare Revolution

    Soon, wearable biomedical sensors are going to be the new gadgets of the post-smartphone era. They will keep track of your body temperature, blood pressure, blood glucose level, respiratory rate, heart rate, and everything else you need to know about your body. More importantly, they will communicate with your personal physician, and update their EHR […]

    Big Data is Redefining News & Journalism

    If digital data were something physical, it would have massively altered the shape of our world, probably, with new data mountains rising every hour. Whether you browse the web or flip pages of print media, you are sure to stumble upon some news about big data, all the while feeding the web with your digital […]

    Web Scraping: Why is Service Better Option than Software?

    Data Discovery Holds the Future An overwhelming proportion of data that businesses use for the purpose of developing business insights in decision-making is derived from the internet, and the tendency to depend on data-informed insights is expected to become a more conspicuous mainstream practice with the expansion of Internet of Things. The futuristic projections claim […]

    Grepsr: A Brief Story

    Launched in 2012, Grepsr is a data management start-up based in Nepal and focused on web crawling. It has been an enriching experience for us to operate our services from the city of Kathmandu with its unique art, architecture, and cultural life. We have been benefited by the experience of working with various kinds of […]

    Location Analytics: ‘Where’ is the Knowledge of Data

    Digital Technology and Rediscovery of Geography A substantial amount of data that Grepsr processes and provides to its business partners worldwide contains location-specific information. According to IDC, an American data research firm, 80% of data collected by organizations has location element, and according to ABI Research, location analytics market will rise up to $9 billion by […]

    Data Mining: How Can Businesses Capitalize on Big Data?

    In the recent years, data mining has become a prickly issue. The big controversies and clamors it has gathered in the political and business arenas suggest its importance in our time. No wonder, it is used as a household name in the business world. Data mining, in fact, is an inevitable consequence of all the technological innovations […]

    Leverage Grepsr to Turn Data into Asset

    Have you ever been overwhelmed or even inundated by a sheer amount of data you have to handle every day? Handling too much of data can be a painstaking job in the age that has seen an enormous surge in digitization, quantification, and datafication of information. Today, you have to be equipped with data no […]

    Staying ahead with Automated Price Comparison

    Keeping an eye on a competitor’s data and pricing strategy gives you an edge, and improve your foothold in the market.

    Using Browser Plugins

    We have browser plugins for all major browsers to help you easily capture screenshots. Browser plugins are especially useful if you need to take screenshot of pages that are behind login screens or are difficult to capture with Grepsr’s on-site screen shot capture feature. In this video we will show you how to install and […]

    Data Sync with Dropbox

    An updated version of this article is available here. In this video we will show you how you can sync the crawled data to your Dropbox folder. – On your project page, click on the Data delivery tab. – In the Dropbox section, click on “Authorize with Dropbox” to link your Dropbox account. – You […]

    Data Delivery via Email

    An updated version of this article is available here. In this video we will show you how to receive the crawled data automatically via email. – On your project page, click on the Data delivery tab. – In the email section, enter the email where you would like to receive the data. You may also […]

    Grepsr – How it Works

    This video will show you how Grepsr works. Watch the video and get started with your first project at Grepsr today! About Grepsr With more than a decade of experience in overcoming challenges to extract data from all sorts of web sources, Grepsr is your perfect solution for the most reliable and quality data in […]

    Search your Data

    In this video we will show you how you can perform a search on the crawled data. This functionality is only available to users depending on the user level. On your project page, you will see a search option on the right, just above the data. To do a simple search, you can choose which […]

    Mark & Tag Requirements

    In this video we will show you how to explain your requirements visually by marking them on screenshots. If you have problems taking screenshots, please use our browser plugins. About Grepsr With more than a decade of experience in overcoming challenges to extract data from all sorts of web sources, Grepsr is your perfect solution […]

    Web Crawling Software or Web Crawling Service

    Some people ask us if we are a “service” or a “software”. We simply tell them – we are a service, with killer software that runs behind the scenes! 🙂 Also, lot of our customers ask us, why go for a Web Crawling Service over a Web Crawling Software? The answer is pretty straight forward. […]

    Sychronizing data extracted with Grepsr

    One of Grepsr’s most powerful feature is the ability to synchronize data in a variety of different ways when a new data is available. The whole idea behind this feature is to automate our data delivery process. It would really be tedious if you have to login to your grepsr account everyday to check if […]

    Why is Web Crawling important?

    Data lies in the heart of any business, even more if it is technology-related. With all the open standards of today, like RSS feeds or APIs, sharing data across systems has become much easier than it ever was. For example, if you want to read today’s financial news directly from your email inbox, you could […]

    SSL enabled in Grepsr

    At Grepsr, we are committed towards the security and privacy of your data. We have enabled SSL on our application today. What does this mean to you as a user? Getting the SSL enabled on our platform is only the beginning. Grepsr will continue to improve our services, and help our customers become more efficient! […]

    Grepsr and FTP – permissions and settings

    When you set your FTP inside Grepsr so that the system can automatically upload extracted data, please make sure of the following. Create a new FTP account for Grepsr – highly encourage you to NOT use the same FTP account that you use for your website etc. Preferably, make sure Grepsr can write to the […]

    Grepsr now supports DropBox (and FTP)

    We have some news! We are very happy to announce that Grepsr will now add content to your DropBox and FTP accounts! So, from now on whenever Grepsr extracts your data from the source, it will automatically upload the data in PDF, XLS and XML formats to your DropBox (and/or FTP) account. The data will […]

    Managed Data Extraction Service

    Grepsr is what we like to call, “Managed Data Extraction Service”. Here are some of the reasons why we call it “managed”: We let you focus on your business and use the data — worrying about technical details of extraction is our job, and we will do it for you. We let you describe your […]